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iHeartRadio is an American free broadcast, podcast and streaming radio platform owned by iHeartMedia, Inc. It was founded in April 2008. As of 2019, iHeartRadio functions as the national umbrella brand for iHeartMedia's radio network aggregating its over 850 local iHeartMedia radio stations across the United States, as well as hundreds of other stations from various other media (with companies suc


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Should’ve Never Worked Here (Current Employee) says

"If you’re not Jewish, good luck. That’s really what it comes down to. They will use and abuse you until there’s nothing left, all while feeding you pennies. No room for advancement. Horrible benefits. You come here to wither away, like dust. To have your light snuffed out, tried to dig deep for some positives. They’re not coming. Avoid. Cons: Everything"

N/A (Current Employee) says

"For one when I started the process was fast . I was trying to get a hold of management for a week because I had a question about my client it’s almost three weeks later still haven’t talked to anyone . My paycheck is not in my bank account & no one is ever available to talk"

DSP (Direct Support Professional) says

"There was nothing good about working here. Cold and passive aggressive staff make a very simple job impossible. Management is blasé towards high school level drama. Upper management will call up your manager to gossip about you before doing anything to help you when you report harassment or hostility in the workplace (and yes, both are rampant there). Everyone knows everyone, and if you are not with the in crowd, they go out of their way to make you as uncomfortable as possible so that you have no choice but to leave. Glad I left."

CNA - Certified Nursing Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Low pay , demanding hours no benefits. Covid hit childcare closed not willing to work with employees. Clients are amazing but mgt. doesn’t provide anything you must provide own ppe to protect yourself from virus and infection 🤬.this place is horrible"

Personal Care Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Worked for this company for 6 months about they don't guarantee no vacation or benefits. I was never told by this company if I could get new assignments when I got unemployed and had to go to fair hearing with them they sent some Spanish rep on behalf of the company the lady lied about everything. Told the fair hearing person I could have got a new assignments lies lies about me getting benefits they lied about my title at the time when I got hired I was told I was a PA at the hearing she tells them I was a pca even my aunt was making faces cause they was lying to save they behind . Thank God I won my fair hearing turns out they lied about something else to after my fair hearing was over found out from my cousin they was saying that I put in some sort of request that never was true terrible company"

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"They don't care about the workers you can't grow from this company the manager is very unprofessional and disrespectful to her employees I quit would not recommend this to no one"

Accounts Payable Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The perfect place to learn and than run for your life. If you desperately need a job temporarily and want to gain work experience this is the place to go. Cons: Heart to heart does not offer any kind of benefits."

HHA - Home Health Aide (Current Employee) says

"The coordinators do not take responsibility for their lack of communication with each other. Five different coordinators can call you for one case but they all do not put the notes in the system then when the case not covered due to miscommunication between the coordinators and HHA the aide will be terminated immediately especially if she is not of Latin decent"

Clinical Coordinator Assistant (Former Employee) says

"unprofessional places one of the manager from brooklyn Site Very unprofessional The employee some of them very unprofessional too and site very bad place"

Personal Care Aide (Former Employee) says

"I don’t know where to really start . But I must say the Coordinators at this place are nasty and rude and you get whatever you put in bc RESPECT IS EARNED NOT GIVEN!! Moving forward it seems there hasn’t been much of a change. The cases they give you are patients that are dangerous and you don’t know that until you arrived.. Just A mess 😡😡😡"

Personal Care Aide (Former Employee) says

"I worked there 3 yrs never got paid for showing up to patients house who didnt wanna open the door they fired me for a replacement case i did for them in yonkers. Had to take a train ti the last stop n a bus 3 stops for the last got there late completed my time they gave me another case far i couldnt make it in called out my moms got sick. Told them i couldnt talk next day call tell me im fired n"

DSP (Direct Support Professional) says

"It was to much sneaky stuff going on the higher ups didn’t take complaints seriously about the manager who didn’t know what she was doing it was a lot of crooked stuff going on here I"

Anonymous (Former Employee) says

"Management/Owner is unaware of the day to day duties. Expects work to be done with an unrealistic timeline. Management gives unclear direction and will come up to you multiple times a day, sometimes every 10 minutes on the progress of the project. Employer expects you to get job done, but if you work over 40 hours then you WILL NOT get compensated. LOW PAY. If this is your only choice then get the experience and RUN ASAP."

Direct Support Professional (Current Employee) says

"Heart to heart needs to appreciate they staff more and really take more care of they consumer. They allow things to be sweap underneath the carpet and I think things would change if they start addressing things as it happens instead of allowing it to continue."

LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) says

"No proper training for the dsp. Manager don't show up at their duty post and work from home. No good quality communication and no phone calls answered or return by the managers. Individuals are starved and shopping food is always a problem due to the manager's selfish interest. The Nurses have no say and are not allowed to correct any neglective act by staff or you will be label bad nurse. The branch is very unorganized. Cons: No"

PCA Personal Care Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The worse place I have ever worked and I would never go back the staff has bad attitude they under pay and they are unorganized. They have you go to a case and someone is there on the case already. Just horrible. Cons: Bad"

Direct Support Professional (Former Employee) says

"Worst job, bad management, horrible pay . Would not recommend to anyone . Worse managed , ghetto job . Does not pay enough to survive . Horrible work experience Cons: Management"

HHA - Home Health Aide (Former Employee) says

"They do not care about ther hha only their patient .you can be abuse physically and verbally and heart to heart wont care.you can do your job as trained and every day their making things up changing your job description around.i gave heart to heart 4 years in the bronx and it was trully the worst experience ever.they take money out your check for a union thats no help and you can never contact .i plan to sue them for that because it trully is unbelievable how your paying someone you cant get help from.and they lie on you .and the worst training agency ever for pca they mix the spanish and English together making it difficult to learn."

Caregiver/Med Tech (Former Employee) says

"poor management team"

FORMER EMPLOYEE (Former Employee) says

"No communication; no support from Administrator; CEO; always excuses; lack of knowledge regarding MCARE/MCAID on leadership; will not listen; it sucks Cons: No benefits; used as an escape goat"

Former Employee - Youth Market Director says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Sleezy fundraising tactics, dishonesty with employees, lack of school board support, cheap "prizes and rewards" for students that raise a lot, money goals over educating our students, massive layoffs, etc.."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time for more than a year Cons: I left AHA after months of what I can only describe as being demeaned and bullied. It was so bad that because the EVP at the time could be disrespectful the other employees felt (many young, white women) felt they could disrespect me as well. I was glad to learn the EVP retired, I hope it was forced, but I was disappointed she received the Beagle Award for Staff Excellence on her way out. With the current political climate I could not see AHA continuing to allow EVP (MLE) continue to play the role of an abuser and place the organization into further scrutiny. The EVP also worked to sabotage opportunities for employees who tried or were in the process of leaving by having other employees harass them about their next opportunities and use the AHA network to get jobs rescinded."

Former Employee - Corporate Market Director says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time for more than a year Cons: Toxic work-culture, terrible management, unrealistic goals, micromanagement and scare tactics"

Current Employee - Phlebotomist says

"I have been working at American Heart Association full-time Cons: Don’t care about employees, only care about money and business. Doesn’t treat everyone equally and never want to listen to personal problems. Expected to work EVERY SINGLE HOLIDAY, get no PTO, and if you call in sick or call for a personal day, you get yelled at and called a horrible employee and that “you have horrible work ethic” Overall, wouldn’t recommend working here, unless you want a stressful work life"

Former Employee - Executive Director says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time Cons: They are so tenured they aren't very accepting of new people in leadership"

Former Employee - Director of Quality & Systems Improvement says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time for less than a year Cons: toxic culture, micromanagement, siloed teams, all goals tied to money - even when you work on the mission side and not development side of things"

Former Employee - Generalist says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time Cons: Upper and even middle management were completely disconnected to lower level staff. The AHA is made up of a hierarchy like I’ve never experienced before. If you are an administrative associate or a coordinator, you were seen as less than. It’s not worth putting up with considering they pay you next to nothing and raises are truly microscopic."

Former Employee - Youth Market Coordinator says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time for more than a year Cons: Mind-numbing, pointless work. Poor management and corrupt nonprofit."

Former Employee - Director says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Everything - culture, greed, politics, completely shady behavior from Executives"

Former Employee - Program Coordinator says

"I worked at American Heart Association full-time for more than a year Cons: Upper management and middle management"

Barb V says

"I am new, but I want you to know your salmon and other fish meals are very good and enjoyable. I will not, however, be re-ordering the turkey pot pie or chicken noodle soup. The soup tasted like water and did not look at all like the photo. I had to toss it. The boneless spare rub was very good, and I ordered it again. Potato with broccoli and bacon was good, not great, but good. Your customer service is outstanding! Your drivers are too. You really care about your customers. Looking forward to trying more meals."

Dorina says

"The meals were OK ... those that were good were very very good and those with the meat in them were not so good ... meat was tough"

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